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Business Card Management

Enjoy the Rewards of your Own Branded Business Credit Card

If your bank is looking for ways to make business relationships more profitable, or if you want to manage an existing commercial credit card portfolio more efficiently, the Business Card Management program (BCM) from ICBA Bancard could be an ideal solution.

Business Card Management is an easy way to offer your own branded business credit card to customers, without…

  • The risk of losing control of relationships

  • The risk of unlimited fraud liability

  • The risk of unprofitable pricing

  • The risk of excessive overhead

This cost-effective program will help your institution become more competitive, without having to leverage your business customer relationships — or the quality of your credit portfolio.

All the Advantages Community Bankers Ask For

With Business Card Management, you’ll enjoy the relationship control and revenue potential of a direct card issuer, without the operational headaches. You’ll also have the confidence of using a program designed to partner with our Total Card Management program, a risk-free consumer credit card program.

  • Own your customers - Your credit card has your logo on it, as do billing statements and reports. These cardholders are your customers. We’re happy to stay in the background and leave any cross-selling to you.

  • Control the credit terms - You make all the lending decisions using your own underwriting standards. You set the pricing and determine whether to require full payment every month or to allow revolving balances.

  • Enjoy state-of-the art fraud protection - Fair Isaac’s Falcon® Fraud Manager can detect and stop fraudulent transactions at the point of sale, using sophisticated modeling that helps spare your good customers from false positives. You will also strengthen your BCM program with our Fraud Loss Protection Plan, which limits your liability for fraudulent losses.

  • Improve the customer experience - By giving current customers a convenient way to separate business expenses from personal purchases, you can add value to existing deposit or loan relationships. What’s more, your branded card will reward customers with Visa® business travel enhancements such as concierge service and emergency medical, dental and evacuation coverage.

  • Demand superior service - If you need assistance with questions or changes to your BCM program, just contact your dedicated business card help desk. Your cardholders get great service too, including online account access, bill presentment, and bill payment, as well as 24/7 live telephone support.

  • Reduce overhead - Since we take care of routine management, service, and accounting, you won’t need a back-office staff of your own. On average, BCM takes only 10-12 hours of credit administration time for monthly maintenance. (You may also save time on compliance review, since business card programs aren’t subject to the same disclosure rules as consumer cards.)

  • Turn a profit quickly - With BCM, you receive 100% of the income like interchange, finance charges, annual, overlimit and late fees. BCM can typically be profitable with only 30 to 50 active accounts.

Get Started with Business Card Management

To find out more about the rewards of offering your own branded business credit card, e-mail us or call us at 1-888-640-1092 and select option 4.


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